The Bully Project: A Year in the Life of America’s Bullying Crisis

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In case you have not seen the promo videos or run across an ad for the movie on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media hotspot, let me take a minute to fill you in on this amazing movement that is sweeping the nation.

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”left”]13 million kids will be bullied in the U.S. this year. [/image_frame]

This year, over 13 million American children will be bullied, which makes bullying THE most common form of violence experienced by young people in the U.S. For parents, this means that chances are high that our children will come into contact with bullying at some point, whether it is as a victim, a bystander, or – sadly – as the one doing the bullying. While I do not claim to be an expert, I do know this: prevention starts with AWARENESS, and awareness NEEDS to start at home whenever possible. If we can teach our children to respect others, chances go down that they will become a bully. If we teach our children to stand up for those weaker than they are, chances go down that they will stand idly by when another child is bullied. And if we can teach them to respect themselves, well, chances then go way down that they will take being bullied lying down.

The Bully Project is spearheading a national awareness campaign by launching a movie that follows five young children and their families over the course of a school year. While it is rated PG-13 (a rating that was hard-won, to say the least), it is still not a film to take lightly. It looks directly at bullying’s most tragic outcomes, including the stories of two families who’ve lost children to suicide and a mother who waits to learn the fate of her 14–year-old daughter, who was taken into custody after she brought a gun onto her school bus.

[pullquote1 quotes=”true” align=”right” variation=”purple”]chances are high that our children will come into contact with bullying at some point, whether it is as a victim, a bystander, or – sadly – as the one doing the bullying.[/pullquote1]

Given rare and extraordinary access to the Sioux City Community School District, the Bully Project Movie also gives a sneak peek into the often-cruel world of children, as well as into the lives of the teachers, administrators, and parents that are grasping at straws in an attempt to find answers and find a solution to an ever-growing problem at all grade levels.

However, as stated on the Bully Project Facebook Page, the movie – and the movement itself – also stands as a bold testimony to the courage and strength of the victims, the families, the schools, and even the “reformed” bullies that are involved and show ways to inspire us all to help bring about lasting changes in how we deal with bullying as parents, teachers, children, and communities.

So – fellow parents – let’s help the Bully Project become a catalyst for change and turn the tide on an epidemic of violence that has touched far too many lives already. It is time for us to stand up – for our children and for their children! This is a wonderful chance for us all to make our voices heard and get involved with a great cause that is making a serious difference already. Right now they have over 80 thousand Likes on Facebook – let’s help put that number even higher! Also, be sure to check out their Partners page – let’s do what we can to support those that have offered their platforms and resources to breathe life into the Bully Project.

To see if there are theaters showing the movie in your area, go here. Their website also has specific information for parents, students, educators, and advocates. Head on over and check it out – and tell them Jennah from Only True North sent you! 🙂

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4 Comments on “The Bully Project: A Year in the Life of America’s Bullying Crisis”

  1. Tahlia Newland

    An excellent post and I agree, awareness comes first. It’s like the anti smoking campain in some ways, educate first, and when it beomes an uncool thing to do, it will decrease. I’m publishing a novella with a bullying theme in early June which I hope will have some positive options for those on both sides of the problem.

  2. Leah Jacobs

    I will be sharing this article with the parents group at our elementary school! There are several groups being put together to take a stand against bullying as well as programs to reach out to the kids that are bullying. Change has to start somewhere and we’re a determined group that wants to see no kid left behind!

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