The Monotony Of Our Days

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Do you ever feel like you are living in a bad remake of Groundhog’s Day? Getting out of bed day after day just to do the same things you have done for weeks on end? Parenting can do that to you. It can lull you to sleep with the monotony of each day, and if we aren’t careful, we can lose sight of the extreme importance of every moment and our calling here on Earth.

The Bible says that children are like arrows in the hands of a mighty warrior (definitely my own paraphrase), and last week my husband and I saw our first and oldest arrow get pointed toward Heaven with laser-like precision. We had been incredibly impacted by that week’s message at church regarding the incredible gift of salvation Jesus gave to all of us and so we talked with all of our kiddos around the dinner table that night about the sermon. She took it to heart, and her life will never be the same!

Our pastor – Levi Lusko from Fresh Life Church – has been doing a series of messages based on the words Jesus spoke from the cross…they have been challenging and heart wrenching sermons, but our family is so much stronger for hearing them. It is so easy to get hypnotized by the endless energy draw that young kids are; going through life on autopilot, forgetting that we have a huge responsibility in front of us. There is not one of us that would say we do not want salvation for our littles…but how easy it is to think, “I will talk with them about it later,” or to foolishly think, “They won’t understand this until they’re older.” The truth is – we all need Jesus and we all – from the smallest of us up to the oldest among us – have sinned, separating us from God…BUT FOR JESUS.

His death gave us life. that is something worth sharing, no matter how old or young our children may be. Sing it over your babies. Explain it to your preschoolers. And give your bigger kids the gift of finding Jesus for themselves through youth devotionals, adventure Bibles, and targeted teaching that will meet them where they’re at.

Let’s not fall prey to life’s monotony; let’s instead break loose and show our children how to live lives that are wild and brave and regret-free thanks to the freedom they can have in Christ.

In Him,


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2 Comments on “The Monotony Of Our Days”

  1. Mary Raymond

    Beautiful, Jennah. What a blessing to have Jaylin join us in the Family of God. Praying for Audrey and Evie, too!

    Love to you all!
    GG Mary & Gramps

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