Ultimate Blog Party 2012

The Ultimate Blog Party 2012

We are so excited to be launching both the Only True North site and, soon, our first book! Doubling our excitement is the fact that we are participating for the first time in the 5 Minutes For Mom Ultimate Blog Party! Words cannot express how much we are looking forward to connecting with other moms online – here’s to a great party!

As a side note, you will undoubtedly notice that our site is far from perfect – this is because we decided to align a soft launch of the blog and the website with the Ultimate Blog Party. This is the only place we are advertising and reaching out to other mom bloggers before our “grand opening” launch that is coming up soon; our hope is that we will get some awesome feedback that we can use to make this site and the blog the best that it can be right from the beginning.

Asha and I have been friends since college, and we have seen firsthand the blessing and encouragement that comes when moms band together in support and agreement of our difficult yet rewarding jobs as mothers. While no mommy journey is the same, we all share the same goals: to love our children and to raise them in a way that points them toward the Only True North.

Thank you so much for stopping by; we look forward to getting to know you and we hope that you continue coming back to visit us again and again!

Here’s to a GREAT Blog Party!

In Him,

Jennah and Asha

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