Thy Kingdom Come

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My precious little godson Cheetah just learned how to recite The Lord’s Prayer. Yesterday I sat in wonder as he shared such truth with me as he belted out the prayer with a boisterous confidence that surely comes from being three. It started out so ordinarily that I almost lost focus, but as I listened, a little voice from behind the bathtub bubbles sang, “thy kingdom come, we’ll be undone.” Traditionally the prayer reads: thy kingdom come, your will be done, but his version left my head ringing. Isn’t that how it really should be? I can only speak with full assurance from my own story, but at the times His will is most present, usually I am laid out or to put it more bluntly—coming undone! Everything this tiny bubble soaked preacher was speaking made perfect sense to me. Yes, undone! That’s why we see Him in the sunset and in backyard sparklers. That’s why we find him in a crashing sea wave, yet also in the splashing laughter of a muddy puddle. God is in the common and in the splendor and He hides pieces of himself everywhere, so no matter where we are we can still find Him.


Maybe you need to allow yourself to be a little more undone. Maybe you need to hold time with loose and grateful hands. Maybe you could stand to get away from all the screaming demands of technology and just make a few memories that no one else sees but you. I don’t know what an undone life looks like for you, but I know for me, when I’m undone, it means I’m still in pending. I’m not finished yet. I’m being re-made.


So, as I show up tomorrow and likely make mistakes along the way, I’ll keep being undone and re-made. I’ll keep searching for God in the ordinary and in the splendor. I know if I keep looking I’ll find Him and it’s likely that when I find him, I’ll be undone yet again.




I love you Cheetah! All my love, and I’m always here for you! xoxo Auntie A.

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