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I’ll admit openly that I draw most of my mothering from ‘grace-based’ parenting. I want to raise a little princess who knows her value to the core, who rejoices in the truth, and is quick to defend the marginalized. I love the image of a home that lives and bleeds, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord!” But let’s be honest. We ALL have those days.

You know THOSE days. I’m talking about the days when the line at Costco makes you want to cry. Those days when the dog gets diarrhea and leaves you presents everywhere. The days when you finally get home from the store, unload all the groceries, cram them into the fridge, and discover that it is in fact possible for the fridge drawer to actually bust off entirely.

What about the days when EVERY hot button gets pushed?

Say you finally get ready to go on a date with your husband and your favorite go-to lipstick has been pulverized and you know for sure the dog didn’t do it because she has had diarrhea and has been curled up in the fetal position for the larger portion of the day. Hypothetically speaking.

I mean what do you do? Your heart might be telling you—It’s okay you got this. It’s a blip, a little blip on the massive long radar of life.

But your head might be screaming—Get thee to thine closet, eat all thy chocolate and try on the shoes you never wear, then revel in the silence that is bedtime.

I don’t pretend to have one fix-all for the hard days, but I know this. The frustration is real, but the love is louder! Your heart wasn’t so wrong after all. The challenging days are just little blips. Life is a very long elaborate story and beyond the stress there is so much joy. Our children gild the pages to our story with hope and wide-eyed wonder. They remind us of what is really golden and what should really BE treasured.

So laugh a little more. I have had very few problems that couldn’t be fixed with laughter. It truly heals.

If you don’t know where to start, I recommend:

1. dog shaming—hilarious.
2. The Honest Toddler—get’s me every time.
3. pinterest fails—you will cry.

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  1. Shannon "Sam" Mather

    God bless you, Sweetheart!!!! I LOVE THIS…the BLIPS!!!! Yes, God continues to give us strength & life is worth living for our precious family!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Momma

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