An Update from the OTN Gals

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Hi everyone! Long time no chat, eh? Asha and I have been busy since Mother’s Day de-cluttering our lives and preparing for some fun things ahead, including a few awesome guest posting opportunities over at Dandelion Moms, which is an excellent blog just for mommas like us. Our first guest post, written by Ash, went live yesterday – you can check it out here.

In other news, Baby Mitchell is growing great and is scheduled to arrive mid August (which of course means she will come whenever she pleases, because isn’t that how babies are?) 🙂

We are looking forward to Summer with hope, excitement, and a little uncertainty as to how all of our plates will keep spinning…but that is ok. Life is nothing if not exciting and always-changing, and we are learnign to slowly but surely embrace the crazy and look for the blessings peppered throughout each day. Each week. Each unexpected moment.

Blessings like…

…Jaylin’s second MRI coming in showing no visible growth or change in her brain mass!

…opportunities for guest blogging and maybe even another book in the future!

…business growth and change.

…milestones hit and developmental skills achieved seemingly overnight.

…pockets of rest even on the craziest days.

We pray countless blessings on all of you in the days and weeks to come as well. Enjoy every one of them!


In Him,



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