It seems like so many people I talk to lately are just exhausted. They are tired of living for the weekend—that oh so fleeting two days of rest. Most of us pack our weekends so full that there really isn’t much time for quality rest anyway and if you happen to have small children, well then you know how quickly you can kiss ‘lazy Saturday’ goodbye! Beyond all this trudging from day to day, I’ve also noticed how many people in my life are just: waiting.


Waiting for work to slow down, or finally pick up.


Waiting for skies to turn blue again.


Waiting for a scan to come back clear.


Waiting for a letter to arrive that could dramatically change your family’s life.


Waiting to hear a heartbeat.


Waiting to find out if you got ‘the job’.


Waiting to see if the surgery worked.


Waiting to finally meet that person—your better half.


It seems like we are all caught in this holding pattern, but the way I see it, no answer will ever satisfy this kind of waiting. A diagnosis can be shattering. A new job can be less than we imagined. Relationships can fail. Life can be so cold. Reality can be completely horrifying. It’s because, facing a harsh reality is full-blown harsh!  It can break us and it can leave us with so many pieces to pick up.


The only way I can reconcile the little everyday waiting, is to be found waiting for something even greater. A story that goes beyond a letter, a disease, a career, or life change. If all I’m really waiting for is God, then I already have it all. I’m seen. I’m loved. I’m chosen. When all of those affirmations fly on my banner, the other things just seem like choices. With Easter around the corner and this sacred season of Lent at our door, I’m grateful to be found waiting for someone who has always been waiting for me.


Turn your eyes upon Jesus

Look full in His wonderful face,

And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,

In the light of His glory and grace.  

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