Windows To The Soul

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Ok moms – I can’t be the only one that ADORES those baby pictures of my kids where their little eyes shine so brightly.

You know the ones I mean.

Those photos where it’s like everything else fades away and you can see right into their tiny little souls.

I have a favorite photo like this for each of my three girls, and I pull them out from time to time and look into their eyes and fight back the tears. Take the one above for example. That was taken exactly one year ago…my little baby still crawling and oh so watchful of the world around her. Fast-forward a year and now she is a fast-moving freight train that rarely holds still long enough for me to even snap a blurry photo.

I love how even though our kids change and grow and their features mature, their EYES still seem to remain the same.

Even when my oldest is arguing with me, I can look into her eyes and remember that she was my first little love…I can see all the preciousness that she has been and that she will continue to be as she grows.

Even when my middle kiddo is jumping off of the top of our swing set (she is why I am already graying, I’ll tell you what…no fear, that one) and I am scolding her for being so reckless, I can look into her eyes and be reminded that she has an incredibly soft and gentle heart.

If eyes are the window to the soul, then that means that by taking time to lock eyes with those we love we are essentially allowing one another to press in close to our hearts. How special is that!

1st Samuel 12:16 says,

“Now then, stand still and see this great thing the Lord is about to do before your eyes!”

I encourage you to take time this week to look into the eyes of your kids, your husband, your friends, and to think about the amazing things God has done and has yet to do in their lives. Then look at yourself in the mirror, and remind yourself that He has amazing plans for you as well – you will see Him move in goodness and faithfulness if you take the time to watch for it.

In Him,


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One Comment on ““Windows To The Soul”

  1. Shannon "Sam" Mather

    Thank you, sweet Jennah, for reminding me of how precious that verse is…! As mature as my children are-full grown adults-somehow I always see them (& their beautiful eyes) as my “children”!!! God bless you!!! Aunty Sam

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